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Omega Nectar

Made with Organic Raw Nutrients Organic Flax Oil Raw Fruit and Veggie Antioxidants Bone & Joint Support* No (more…)

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Yafari g’

A complete blend of healthy vitamins and herbs that give you energy without the jitters. Helps with mental (more…)

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Yafa Cava

Super Antioxidant from the Sea Restore & Rebuild while you sleep YafaCava is made with 98% PURE Ecklonia (more…)

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What We Do

QueLife is a Natural Health and Wellness Company. Our products produce positive changes in your life that you will notice. We are continually looking for powerful natural herbal products.


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**QueLife, Inc. is a sister company of Yafari, Inc. To see prices and place orders you can click the BUY NOW link on any product or go to Yafari's website:

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